Will or Trust, which one is right for me?

Have you ever wondered which one is right for you? A Will lets you decide how your property and assets will be distributed at the time of your death. A Trust lets you decide how you want your property and assets managed if you’re incapacitated and at your death. For some one of these tools will accomplish their goals, but often they work together to create a more comprehensive plan.

3 Estate Planning Documents You Need If You Have Kids Under 18

With our busy lives, planning for our family’s future isn’t always a top priority. The truth is, without a plan you’re leaving your kids vulnerable if something happens to you and you’re not able to care for them. How will they be cared for financially? Who will raise them if you can’t? The right Estate Plan answers these and other important questions. If you’re ready to get started, take a look at the documents you need to have in place to help you plan.

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

If you’re in a committed relationship but not married, you need an estate plan. Surprised?! It’s true! There is NO common law marriage in Florida. Regardless of how long you’ve been with your partner, you don’t have the rights of a married couple. If either of you die the other won’t be legally entitled to inherit anything. If you’re ever sick or injured and can’t make decisions for yourself, your partner won’t have authority to make any decisions and vice versa. That’s where an estate plan comes in. Through estate planning there are things you can do to make sure your partner inherits what you want them to inherit and that they are the ones making medical decisions for you when you can’t. After all your partner is the person who know you and your wishes best.

Estate Planning 101

Why hire an attorney? DIYing your estate plan could mean invalid documents, probate, and DCF intervention. A qualified attorney will help take control of what happens if you’re not around giving you peace of mind.  At IGS Legal we focus on families with young children because we understand that making sure your kids are taken care of is your top priority. Through our estate planning process, we know its not just about assets.  We make sure that if you’re not around your children are safe, protected, and taken care of by someone you know and trust.

Is Probate Really That Bad?

I’m sure you’ve heard that probate can be expensive and time consuming. What many people don’t realize is just how much time and money it can take. If you have a good estate plan, you may be able to avoid probate entirely. In fact, in Florida avoiding probate will save both time and money.

What You Need to Do Before Your Kids Free Vacation

Are you ready to hit the road without your kids? Taking a trip without the kids sounds like a dream come true, but before you start packing, make sure you have a plan in place if something happens to you or your kids. In this blog article, I’ll give you some tips you need to make sure your travels are stress-free and enjoyable, so you can make the most of an adult-only adventure!

Is A Will The Right Way?

A will can designate guardians for minor children, instruct how your assets (house, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, investments, cryptocurrency, bank accounts, car, pets, etc.), will be distributed, and keep your family out of conflict after your death. A will is a good estate planning tool, but like trusts, whether a will is the best estate planning tool for your family depends on your unique situation. Here are some advantages and disadvantages you can consider when deciding whether a will is right for you.

3 Strategies to Protect Your Spouse Even if Same-Sex Marriage is Banned

If Obergefell is overturned, whether same-sex marriage is legal would come down to what state you live in. Florida has a Statute banning same-sex marriage. Under Obergefell this law isn’t valid. If Obergefell is overturned, Florida would no longer recognize same-sex marriages unless that law is changed.