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About me

Hello! I’m Isela Guzman Simpkins, founder of IGS Legal. My mission is to empower young professional families to plan confidently for the future, especially when it comes to your children’s well-being.

I specialize in crafting tailored estate plans for families with minor children. From establishing guardianship arrangements or creating trusts for your children’s education and financial security, I ensure your family’s security and peace of mind.

Let’s work together to safeguard what matters most to you. Schedule a complimentary Future Planning Discovery Call to take charge of your family’s future today.

Proteja sus activos

Your assets represent more than just possessions; they’re the foundation of your family’s security. With an estate plan, you ensure that your house, bank accounts, and retirement funds are managed according to your wishes, even if you become incapacitated or pass away. Let’s create a comprehensive plan together to provide peace of mind and security for your loved ones.

Proteja su familia

Your family’s well-being is your top priority. By planning for their future without you, you can ensure that they’re cared for, no matter what life brings. From designating guardians for your children to setting up trusts for your kids or making sure there’s enough money, let’s work together to create a plan that protects your family’s future and honors your wishes.

Proteja su negocio

As a successful professional balancing work and family, your business is a vital part of your legacy. It’s essential to plan for its future to ensure a smooth transition of ownership and management. Whether you envision a family member taking over or prefer an alternative arrangement, let’s develop a tailored plan that protects your business and secures your family’s future.


Schedule a Free Future Planning Discovery Call

Deciding on estate planning is a big deal, and finding the right attorney is key. That's why I offer a free virtual chat to see if we're a good match. We'll talk about your family's needs, and I'll help you figure out if an IGS Legal plan is the right fit for you. Let's chat and see if we click!

Craft Your Legacy: Collaborative Planning

Throughout estate planning, you'll decide how to manage and distribute your assets. You'll also choose financial and healthcare agents, as well as guardians, to carry out your wishes. Together, we'll ensure you make the best choices and create a tailored estate plan that meets your needs.

Empower Your Future: Personalized Solutions

I customize your Family Estate Plan to match your family's needs and concerns, providing you with the tools to make informed decisions. I'll be by your side throughout the process, offering guidance to ensure the best outcomes for you, your family, and your business.




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